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Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) enhances your security system by allowing you to privately view the activities taking place in your home. CCTV can’t stop a crime from being committed, but it can deter certain crimes from happening in the first place.

ProVision Security Solutions offers Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) from Bosch® and Speco Technologies®. The cameras we offer are supplied by Pelco®.

DVR Features
  • Our DVRs are compact, low profile units that combine advanced digital recording, multiplexing, and alarm inputs.
  • Simultaneous recording and playback of video images is available, with “overwrite protection” of marked video clips to prevent the loss of vital material.
  • Remote viewing applications allow you to access your DVR from anywhere in the world via the Internet (this requires a broadband connection and a static IP address).
  • Motion detection features control recording, so when no activity in front of the camera it reduces recording to ½ image per second. This saves valuable hard drive space.
  • Archive features allow you to move a recorded incident to a removable medium.
Digital Camera Features
  • The Pelco camera weighs less than a pound, has a low profile structure, and is made out of durable plastics. Its lens is 3mm, and it captures 540 TV lines of resolution. A varifocal camera can be installed near main entrances to capture detailed images.
  • Versatile camera positioning is achieved using a three axis system.
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