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Multifamily Homes

For Property Managers
Safety and security offerings are becoming an important consideration for potential apartment and condominium residents, especially in metropolitan areas. Providing a robust collection of security, surveillance, and access control features can act as a major selling point, giving you a competitive edge to attract new residents.

A customized solution from ProVision will allow you to offer an enhanced level of protection, while at the same time reducing operating costs. For example, our proximity key access control system allows you to cost-effectively secure common doors. If a card is lost or stolen, they key can be easily deleted from the system. This eliminates the need to constantly replace lock cores and reissue traditional metal keys, saving you time and money.

With the right configuration of security, surveillance, access control, building automation, and 24/7 monitoring you can give your residents added peace of mind.

For Residents
Home security isn’t limited exclusively to those who own houses. Apartment complexes and condominiums can be just as vulnerable as a house when it comes to common forms of illicit activities and accidents. And yet, safety and security is not always the number one priority in these settings.

The nature of community living means you are exposed to high neighbor and guest traffic on a daily basis. Once someone has entered, they potentially have access to the homes of everyone in the building. At that point, security is up to you. Protect your family and belongings with a security system designed specifically for multifamily housing applications. To learn more, submit a request for a free risk assessment.

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