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Anytime Fitness | Humble, Texas

"I recently got a call on Sunday that made me take a deep sigh and say, 'Thank god I have those cameras!'

Early Sunday morning, around 3 a.m., a gentlemen broke into EVERY store in our shopping center and stole the cash registers…except for ours. We caught him on camera going down the strip, scoping out each store. When he came to ours, he peeked in the windows, saw the cameras, and quickly moved on. He proceeded to break the large glass windows on each store, walk in, and take the register drawers from all the other stores. Our outside cameras caught his actions and the police are now using the tapes to pursue the thief.

I can’t say what a relief it was when I got a call from the property manager on Sunday afternoon to let me know what happened and that our store was not affected. I’m SO glad we have the security systems in place, not just for our member’s protection, but for ours as well!"

Vice President of Operations
Anytime Fitness | Humble, Texas

Anytime Fitness, Inc.

"As a global fitness chain that offers 24-hour convenience, the most important equipment in our clubs is the access, security, and surveillance system.

Working with ProVision, our 1,000+ clubs can provide safe, secure, and reliable access to their members—even during unstaffed hours. Plus, the surveillance components from ProVision help our franchisees protect their clubs against loss, vandalism, or false liability claims.

And while the products they sell are top quality, their service is also excellent. As a rapidly-expanding franchise, the team of certified installers ProVision has across the country ensures that our club systems are properly installed and integrated."

Edina Realty

"We were especially grateful when one of your installers went above and beyond their normal responsibilities to address an issue. One of our employees had mistakenly left a door open and was unable to lock it in order to arm the system. Your technical support team dispatched an installer, who responded quickly with an onsite visit to troubleshoot the issue. This kind of service is truly becoming rare, and we appreciate all of the ongoing support we’ve received since purchasing our system."

Many thanks.

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