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Tailgate Detection

A tailgate detection system offers an additional level of security for your facility during staffed or non-staffed hours. When used in conjunction with the entry-door access system from ProVision, it ensures that only one person can enter the facility for each valid card swipe. The tailgate detection is also integrated with your CCTV system. When a tailgate violation occurs, a log is created and the DVR records with more frames per second for easier video review.

ProVision Security Solutions offers the ES520 Series Tailgate Detection System from Designed Security®, Inc. Tailgate Detection is a unique and cost-effective optical security system, which uses infrared sensor beams to detect tailgating. Read on for a brief description of its features.

Key Features
  • The tailgate system senses and processes direction and pedestrian count information on a cycle basis. The cycle is initiated when a valid card is used. During the cycle, a member may pass the detector without alarm, as long as each passage is preceded by a momentary (1 second maximum) access granted signal from the entry-door access system. Each subsequent signal resets the processor to allow one more member past the sensing array.
  • The tailgate system consists of two self-contained, narrow door mounted units. Each unit is ideal for most member entry doorways.
  • The Tailgate system can detect and report violations both locally, through an audible alarm, and remotely through DVR logs.
  • In the event of an unauthorized entry or tailgating, the system latches into alarm mode. Once in alarm, the system will make a DVR log entry and then reset itself automatically.
  • All components of the Tailgate systems are virtually maintenance-free.
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