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Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) enhances your security system by allowing you to privately view the activities taking place in your facility. CCTV can’t stop a crime from being committed, but it can deter certain crimes from happening in the first place. Plus, the video recorded by your CCTV system provides an excellent source for identifying or investigating questionable situations.

ProVision Security Solutions offers Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) from Bosch® and Speco Technologies®. The cameras we offer are supplied by Pelco®.

DVR Features
  • Our DVRs are compact, low profile units that combine advanced digital recording, multiplexing, and alarm inputs. These create logs from a tailgate system to simplify video review when applicable.
  • Simultaneous recording and playback of video images is available, with “overwrite protection” of marked video clips to prevent the loss of vital material.
  • Remote viewing applications allow you to access your DVR from anywhere in the world via the Internet (this requires a broadband connection and a static IP address).
  • Motion detection features control recording, so when no activity in front of the camera it reduces recording to ½ image per second. This saves valuable hard drive space.
  • Archive features allow you to move a recorded incident to a removable medium.
Digital Camera Features
  • The Pelco camera weighs less than a pound, has a low profile structure, and is made out of durable plastics. Its lens is 3mm, and it captures 540 TV lines of resolution. A varifocal camera can be installed near main entrances to capture detailed images.
  • For additional security, a smoke-colored dome is placed over the camera to conceal the direction its lens is pointing.
  • Versatile camera positioning is achieved using a three axis system.
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