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Intelligent Building Systems

Building automation and system integration are emerging trends within the security industry. This technology allows you to monitor and control security, HVAC, fire and lighting systems within a facility through a central computerized system.

With rising energy costs and the growing concern for environmental responsibility, efficiency is critical not only to your corporate image, but also your bottom line. Our innovative approach to system automation can facilitate these needs, and bring you reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Based on the occupancy and operation, our integrated controllers will allow your various systems to adapt to changes in the facility’s environment. Depending on your requirements and preferences, we can offer many different automation options:
  • Using predetermined criteria, HVAC air handling systems can regulate the combination of internal and external air to economically preserve consistent building temperature.
  • Status alarms can be integrated with mechanical devices, like pumps. This gives you the ability to easily identify any failures.
  • Lighting systems can be managed by a building automation system. Operating schedules can be maintained and modified by individual occupants within the facility.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors can be implemented to alert the system of unsafe levels.
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