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Access Control

ProVision Security Solutions offers safe and reliable systems for door access. Although we use a sophisticated combination of hardware and software to implement these systems, they are easy to manage and use.

Our complete and easy-to-use access control software package integrates all the necessary security components of your facility. The access control software package allows you to offer a convenient and safe environment to your customers, trim payroll, and provide flexibility in business ownership. No other access control system offers such a complete package with simple and foolproof solutions to manage and grow your business.

Typical Entry and Exit Process
  • A door is equipped with a proximity reader. To gain entrance, the person holds their access card/key fob in front of the reader.
  • The proximity reader transmits the card/key information to an access controller unit. The controller transmits the information to the access control software in the onsite computer. The computer will determine if the card/key is valid, and if the person should be admitted to the facility.
  • If valid, the computer transmits an OK signal back to the controller unit, which will trigger a release mechanism in the door, either a door strike or a magnetic lock. The person can then enter the facility.
  • The controller can also simultaneously activate a tailgate detection system, which will allow only one person to enter the facility at a time.
  • If more than one person tries to enter on one card/key access, the tailgate system emits an audible alarm to alert the person that someone has entered with them. An alarm input is also sent to the DVR, to flag the event for later viewing.
  • As the person exits, they will engage a free-exit mechanism, which means they will not need to use their card/key to open the door, and the tailgate detection system will not be engaged.
  • Examples of a free-exit mechanism include a paddle or crash-bar. Regardless of the type of mechanism that is installed, it will be a mechanical device and not an electrical one. This means that a loss of power will not affect a person’s ability to exit the facility.
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