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To maintain a profitable retail operation conducive to ongoing growth, you need to provide a secure atmosphere for both your customers and your employees. At ProVision, we understand that every retail operation has a unique set of security risks and needs. That’s why we have developed a collection of products and services that allow us to adapt to variety of retail applications.

In recent years, retailers have widely attributed the majority of inventory shrinkage to internal theft. Studies have suggested that between 30% and 40% of inventory shrinkage can be linked to employee theft. This is believed to be the biggest problem facing retailers worldwide.

Intrusion detection, internal and external theft prevention, and emergency response systems are among some of the critical components we can offer as a part of a customized solution that best fits the needs of your business model. Our team of applications professionals and network of certified installers have the experience necessary to integrate and implement these components with your existing security equipment and network infrastructure.
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