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Franchise Systems

Your franchise’s preferred vendor network is an extension of your brand, and security is one area you cannot afford to compromise. You want to choose a dependable and experienced vendor that is consistent with the mission of your company and its goals. As the exclusive provider of security, surveillance, and access control systems for the Anytime Fitness franchise, ProVision has the worldwide-proven expertise necessary to meet the needs of any franchise system.

You may think the latest treadmill or strength training equipment is the key to a successful Anytime Fitness club. In reality, the most important components in these facilities are those that make up their security, surveillance, and access systems. Let’s review the reasons why:

  • Reason #1: Safety and Security | Monitoring the safety and security of Anytime Fitness members, alerting club staff of emergencies, and providing both the franchisees and members peace of mind is the number one priority.
  • Reason #2: Member Experience | Reliable access to the club during unstaffed hours is the cornerstone of Anytime Fitness’ 24-hour convenience. Plus, the integration of our access system to other key components, such as billing, tanning, and membership reciprocity, allows the flexibility in ownership so important to their franchisees.
  • Reason #3: Protecting the Investment | In-club surveillance protects their investment against loss, vandalism, or false liability claims. Without reliable monitoring systems, clubs could be vulnerable to a devastating situation—one that may seriously affect their business.
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