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The Importance of a Good Commercial Security System

(The Access Control System referenced in the article below is for Anytime Fitness facilities only.)
By businesslocallistings - 11.12.2009
--Commercial institutions like small businesses, franchise systems, and restaurants have placed great importance on the need for a functional and effective security system. A good security system not only ensures the safety of people, but also helps business and work flow run more smoothly an efficiently. Many businesses and companies in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg have subscribed the help of commercial security system providers to help them with security, video surveillance, and access control within their buildings.

One example of a company that uses state of the art security system equipment is Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness has branches all over the United States and has a franchise in Tampa and St. Petersburg. They asked for the help of Provision Security for the equipment and the installation of the entire security system.

Anytime Fitness’ security uses a turnkey system for most of its branches across the country. The system helps the club manage member check-in, access control, usage tracking, security, video surveillance, and tanning verification. Their security system also allows for (1)digital storage of member accounts, (2)faster verification for renewal of membership, (3)immediate update on member demographic changes, and (3)easy interfacing of their point of sale system, meaning that cash registers are no longer necessary. Read more...

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